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Walther PPX

What do you get for imagining a Walther PPQ at a more affordable price? The Walther PPX! Walther's latest addition to its successful 'PP' series. Though resonating with the same reliable dexterity, ergonomic designs, and low stress recoil. Walther's latest 'full size' pistol proves itself suited for extended rapid fire sessions, the PPX adds yet more exclusive features to extend Walther's sidearm catalogue. The Walther PPX boasts another unique trigger mechanism for a hammer-fired sidearm aimed at reducing recoil stress; a new grip design and automatic safety features.

The most obvious departure PPX takes from the path of its ancestors and predecessors is the strange grip marked with a sizeable hump on the backstrap. This is followed by the absence of sleek and handsome design lines and a 'cross directional' stipple patterned grip. On closer hands on inspection one finds a distinctive change in trigger pull and feel. With a trigger pull of 6.5 lbs, the crisp pull coupled with the total absence of manually operated safeties and a decocker, is most likely to feel at odds with Walther legacy.

But when has Walther failed to surprise us? The new features only increase the usefulness of the sidearm. The 'strange' grip, marked by the uncanny hump, extends the functionality Walther's exclusive angled pistol grips. Aimed at making the shooting experience more secure and durable, the 'hump' fits quite comfortably and ergonomically in the strong hand. The grip reduces stress on the shooting arm while the stipple patterns in the notorious 'cross directional' design glue the PPX to the shooters arm in all conditions.

Slide stops on many semi-automatic pistols are stiff and hard to drop swiftly. Walther has further enhanced the slide stops drop through a slight, albeit ingenious extension. The PPX slide stop can easily be dropped without strain and using only the thumb.

The Walther PPX has been designed to remain snag free and present itself swiftly in times of need. The controls, sights, and edges have been believed to increase the portability of the pistol. Additionally, the slide stop and magazine release buttons are big, comfortable, and easy to reach even with small hands. Furthermore, Walther has retained its Tenifer coating of the sidearm's slide and barrel. Hence the PPX remains highly resistant to corrosion during rapid fire and the slide significantly cuts down on glare.

The internal mechanism, Walther takes a somewhat unique approach to the design of the PPX's feed ramp and chamber face. The intention was to design a pistol that worked well with almost all types of ammunition. The chamber face has a pronounced funnel like feature running complete circle on the chamber. A radical departure from pistols such as the Sig Sauer P6, Glock 17, and the Steyr M9. Additionally, the ramp design of the Walther PPX introduces a smaller concave 'spoon' design that is unusual for these types of pistols. The result: A pistol that is deftly suited for rapid fire for almost all types of ammunition.

The Walther PPX features no manually operated safeties, or a decocker. Rather it offers an automated safety mechanism that comes as lifted when the trigger is pulled and otherwise locks the whole mechanism. This when coupled with its DAO firing mechanism, ergonomic design, and rapid firing capacity, it makes the PPX a great companion to trust one's shooting pleasures and life to.

Model: PPX
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 7.30"
Overall Height: 5.60"
Overall Width: 1.30"
Barrel Length: 4.00"
Sight Radius: 6.30"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 16 + 1
Weight: 27.20 oz.