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Walther PPS

A self-defense handgun that promises robust fire power will prove to be of no use if it is miles away when you need it. You need it by your side and you need it concealed. The Walther PPS aims to rectify the shortcoming of a concealed carry firearm that is slim, light and comfortable for wear all day long, but also is capable of presenting itself swiftly to action when needed, has toned down recoil, is easy to fire and shoots accurately. With PPS one has to agree that it packs a punch, literally.

Blocky and purposeful, the Walther PPS is a short recoil operated locked breech semi-automatic pistol utilizing the modified Browning cam lock system relying on design parameters from the Hi-Power pistol. The frame is made of reinforced polymer housing a steel slide assembly. The firearm can easily be field stripped with a takedown catch without the help of tools.

One of the main features of the Walther PPS is its manageable recoil system integrated with its superb ergonomic design. The shooter's grip has been placed higher and much closer to the barrel centerline hence mitigating recoil and providing a more comfortable grip when firing the pistol. The sidearm has been designed for rapid fire and the pistol can be fired even when the magazine has not been inserted. However, Walther does offer magazine disconnect safety on some PPS pistols to prevent such case.

The Walther PPS also introduces a 'Quick Safe' trigger system in which a preloaded internal striker as a variant of the partially cocked striker system of the Walther P99 Quick Action model has been used. This necessitates that the trigger pull has to initiate a partially cocked striker. Coupled with the PPS's trigger pull of 6.1 lbs and a trigger travel of 6mm increases the PPS's capacity for rapid fire without compromising its accuracy. Unlike many other trigger systems, the PPS's preset internal strikers have a consistent let-off point and trigger pull that remains unchanged from the first shot to the last and requires no decocker.

Additionally there is an indicator on the back of the slide that shows whether the striker is partially cocked. The major point of departure for the PPS's 'Quick Safe' trigger variant from the P99 is that when the pistol's back strap is removed the sidearm becomes disabled for safe storage by decocking and blocking the striker until the backstrap is reinstalled. A unique feature of the PPS is the simple cocking indicator on the back of the slide. The indication is simple: if you see the red tip of the indicator, the gun is ready to fire.

The Walther PPS features three internal safeties, a trigger safety, an internal firing pin block, and a quick safe feature.

Additionally an integrated external trigger safety lever mechanism contained within the trigger mechanism insures 'passive drop' safety of the striker incase the sidearm experiences jolts. Furthermore, the pistol has a loaded chamber indicator in the form of a witness opening at the top of the slide/ejection port which clearly shows whether a cartridge is loaded or not.

Given its conceal carry size and weight, the Walther PPS offers great capacity for rapid yet accurate fire while its ergonomic design allows snag free holstering and swift presentation during circumstances when in need of a self defense sidearm.

Model: PPS
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.30"
Overall Height: 4.90"
Overall Width: 0.90"
Barrel Length: 3.20"
Sight Radius: 5.40"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 7 + 1
Weight: 20.80 oz.