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Taurus PT709

Meet the Taurus PT709 SLIM, the suave new entry in the Taurus production line. Elegant, small, and single action only, the PT709 could seemingly slide out from nowhere for self defense. It's the answer to your conceal carry vibes-the shooters have been looking for and asking for! Available in blue and stainless steel and titanium slides, this Taurus is definitely cool, neat and ready to go bang.

Without a doubt the Taurus PT709 SLIM is the most compact Taurus 9mm to date. It is a very handy size for a concealed carry pistol. In comparison, the closest thing that can possibly match its specs is the Kel-Tec PF9. Though both are extremely slim and compact, the Taurus is beefier and this literally adds 'weight' to its reduced recoil and durability. But despite its diminutive dimensions, the Taurus SLIM is large enough to have traditional full-size pistol features.

The PT709 is a striker-fired action, with an innovative trigger system that practically removes the SA/DA dilemma. Normally, the DA/SA trigger system causes first shot to be fired in the double action mode, with subsequent shots fired single action as the slide re-cocks the striker. The 709's ingenuity is that the trigger is always fired in single action whereas the double action is there as a backup. In an event that a cartridge fails to fire on the first pull of the trigger, the DA will cover it. This removes the normal slide action that cocks the striker before the trigger can be pulled again. Hence the shooter can simply 'try again' in case a cartridge decides or proves to be a dud on the first pull.

The PT709 SLIM features the traditional manual safety. This means that the weapon can be carried cocked and locked. This is a preferred action since the SLIM chambers round with an aggressive attitude, it also cocks the striker. Hence applying the safety is the 'control' for the 'ready to bang' nature of the Taurus for its wielder. Furthermore, there is also a trigger safety. This means that shooters can carry the Taurus PT709 SLIM safely with the thumb safety on the 'off' as well. In addition, Taurus has incorporated an internal firing pin block. This prevents contact between the primer and the cartridge unless the trigger is in its rearward position.

The PT709 also has the Taurus Security System (TSS) internal key lock. This will serve well in states that have an official legal policy for key locks. The TSS renders the pistol inoperable, a good option if the owner desires to store it. The key has an additional screwdriver for the rear sights. These are adjustable for windage correction and elevation. The sights are of the 3 dot pattern.

The Taurus PT709 SLIM tolerates no revealing lumps or lines. This makes it easy to conceal and carry. The frame has internal steel inserts where needed for strength. The grip of the 709 is well-textured and offers a positive hold, while its ergonomic shape adds a comfortable feel. The magazine release is also quite low profile yet large enough to allow quick loads.

Model: PT709FS
Action: SAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.25"
Overall Height: 4.53"
Overall Width: 0.96"
Barrel Length: 3.28"
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Capacity: 7 + 1
Weight: 18.50 oz.