Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Review

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Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Compact, unobtrusive, and when chambered for a cartridge packs sufficient authority. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield is S&W's answer for CCW sidearm. For Smith & Wessen fans hoping for S&W to join the ranks of ultra-compact 9mm manufacturers, the Shield is their reward. The Shield is one ultra-compact that along with its cousins fixated S&W for the 2013 'Innovator of the Year Award'.

Small, light, and tuck-able, the shield is a conceal carry gun. Though slightly heavier and relatively wider than its competition, it is ergonomically much sleeker, easy on recoil stress, and dead accurate. Even with the debates on style, the Shield pumps a sweet adrenaline rush with every crisp pull.

The Shield represents an excellent combination of fire power, reliability, portability, style, and cost. Though an ultra compact, it retains the mechanical dexterity and durability of its cousin the M&P9. For one, the Shield has the same natural pointing 18 degree grip and the hand fitting contour. The uniform short and crisp trigger pulls from the earlier M&P series trigger system has been reenacted. This results in the user-friendly shoot-ability. Coupled with the slimmest design for an S&W pistol, the Shield is sleek, comfortable and stealthy enough that you yourself might be able to sneak up on yourself!

Mechanically, the M&P Shield pistol is a DOA, striker-fired, locked-breech recoil-operated handgun. The pistol has manual thumb safety and an internal self-engaging firing-pin block coupled with an articulated trigger safety block. This prevents accidental discharge even if the gun is dropped from a height or experiences heavy jolts. The trigger pull and break is crisp and the remaining travel quite clean. The reset is highly tactile in return audible.

Furthermore, the semi-automatic mechanism features a dual captive recoil spring/guide rod module. This coupled with the ergonomic design and angle of the grip reduces the recoil stress experienced during shooting. Add to this the S&W traditional M&P style aggressively stippled back and front-strap of the grip and you have secured an extended rapid fire session. Shield is devoid of sharp edges or pointy bits that gouge skin or worse catch on a pocket or holster when circumstances demand swift action. The sleek design removes beefy swells and unnecessary bulges that betray the presence of a concealed gun. Whether you're a pro the Shield's stealth mode is a slip or tuck away. Anyone can hide Shield!

Ergonomically, the compact sidearm features racy lines and is kitted out with an S&W trademark texturing. The grip handle sports S&W's customary pebbled backstrap. The slide has the traditional S&W wavy striations. Finally, the pistol features an oversized trigger guard to accommodate use of gloves while shooting.

Additionally, the Shield has no magazine disconnect safety. Hence, an empty well with one in the chamber will still mean that your defense mate still has a round full to bang at the target. Given that the mechanical design and operating features are a scaled-down version of S&W's full-size M&P service pistols. The Shield can serve both as a primary citizen's conceal carry sidearm or a full-power, no-compromise backup for off-duty law enforcement officers.

Model: M&P9 Shield
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.10"
Overall Height: 4.60"
Overall Width: 0.95"
Barrel Length: 3.10"
Sight Radius: 5.30"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 7 + 1
Weight: 19.00 oz.