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Smith and Wesson M&P

With the M&P9, its kudos to the Smith & Wesson designers for achieving the best ergonomic design, and for incorporating the most innovative technological features in a self defense pistol on the market. The M&P9 is the hand gun of choice for home defense from the winners of the 2013 'Innovator of the Year Award'. Awarded for S&W's trademark scope and depth of its innovative product line, the M&P9 is your high capacity semi-automatic that promises extended rapid fire sessions and significantly reduced recoil stress. Add to this its improved resilience to dust and dirt, and you have the ideal guardian for home.

Internally, mechanically, and metallically, the M&P9 is a short-recoil operated locked-breech striker-fired semi-automatic pistol reliant on a Browning lock system. Its trigger system prevents the firearm from discharging even if the handgun drops to ground. Unless the trigger is fully depressed, it will not utter bullets to the surrounding. Furthermore, an internal lock and magazine disconnect, and an external thumb safety options to match your taste.

Externally, the pistol's frame is made out of reinforced Zytel polymer molded with a stainless steel chassis. Housed within it are stainless steel slide and barrel treated to a corrosion resistant propriety Melonite layer with a Rockwell solid rating of 68.

The Smith & Wesson M&P9 shooters will find the barrel axis close to their hand. A result of the low slide profile feature, it truncates the recoil and consequent stress by significant margin. Add to this a reduced muzzle rise and you have a fast shooter with a faster aim recovery and dramatic sequels to previous shots.

Though the shooter is responsible for maintaining its self defense companion, the M&P9 comes with an attitude of its own. The pistol likes to maintain itself. The slide has four contact points with the frame and allows the rail system to clean itself. Any dirt particles and foreign objects will find themselves unceremoniously swept out like the unwelcome guests they are for shooters.

Ergonomics were a key focus in the design of the M&P9. With Glock fans appreciating the reduced recoil stress and improved comfort level, the M&P9 has surely hit the mark at ergonomics. To begin with, the low profiled slide creates a natural look and feel to the pistol and the slide serrations provide aggressive traction for racking. The grip angle reduces muscle tension while holding the gun. The higher grip couple with lower barrel increases recoil management. Three interchangeable palm swell grips are included. A heftier trigger guard accommodates gloves. The frame has an ambidextrous slide release lever. Additional comfort is afforded by a higher grip with a beaver-tailed and improved grip texture. Furthermore, the M&P9 features a 4 point Picatinny rail system for rapid deployment of tactical equipment and aftermarket accessories.

If size of your handgun is not the factor, then all the parameters of M&P9 bring this gun forward. High capacity and reliability, ergonomic design, striker action, and the availability of aftermarket parts make this gun a great home defense and duty firearm.

Model: M&P9
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 7.63"
Overall Height: 5.50"
Overall Width: 1.20"
Barrel Length: 4.25"
Sight Radius: 6.40"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 17 + 1
Weight: 24.00 oz.