Sig Sauer P250 Review

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Sig Sauer P250

Offering one of the most dizzying selections of grip frames and sizes as well as slide assembly, the Sig P250 is the truly a shooter's 'toy cannon'. Add to that its unusual polymer frame that merely serves as a grip, a magazine well and mounting platform. Further add that the only serialized part, 'actual' frame is a stainless steel sub assembly within the frame, and viola! You are holding today's most revolutionary pistol, in terms of modular versatility and firepower.

The Sig Sauer P250 does not give such an impression at first sight. At first glance it is just another polymer framed Sig. The grip module has checkered front and back straps while the sides have a stippled texturing. The trigger guard has the same traditional Sig shape. You can trace the ergonomic ambidextrous thumb rests fashioned as slight recesses in the frame and grip. A slightly longer backstrap and a reversible triangular magazine release.

It's in the versatility of the P250's modular design. Instead of the P30's modular grip panels, the P250 offers fully modular grip frames. The shooters can start with the three grips and two triggers in the package. The grips come in varying circumferences and once coupled with the trigger options allow for six different combinations. Just about right to suit any shooter. So then, how do you like your frame to be? Create your own options: Thin frame with a short trigger, medium frame and a standard trigger, and so on. The quick-change capability of the P250's is coupled with an absence of paperwork since the only serialized part is the 'true frame'. Add to that a list of modular (user-replaceable) grip frames, barrels, slides, sizes and triggers, and you have almost infinite possibilities for customization.

The Sig P250 departs from many DA/SA automatics. The norm in semi automatics has been a combination of a slide mounted manual safety with a decocker. This design is notorious for cluttering the slide, reduced firing efficiency due to complex engage mechanisms, and greater probability of for operator error. Sig has historically avoided this by skipping the manual safety completely. The same holds true for the P250s. Sig introduces a minimalist control set for the P250. By introducing a DAO lock-work that makes manual decocking lever unnecessary. The result is a thinner grip and a simpler manual of arms.

The trigger mechanism in the P250 is smooth and easy to manage. The trigger is DA only, has a long stroke with a short reset and a light 6 lbs pull. The trigger mechanism literally hides the 'spur-less' hammer is within the slide. At the pull of the trigger the hammer serves and rocks the metallic world. Only that neither your hand nor the metallic components of the pistol would feel much thanks to the short-recoil mechanism in place. The steel slide is machined from bar stock and houses a robust, external extractor. The slide has an integrated 3 dot sight, a departure from the traditional Sig post and dot sights.

With the insane interchangeability at its core coupled with Sig's 'To-Hell-And-Back-Reliability', the Sig P250 is arguably one of the most accurate 9mms in the market.

Model: P250
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 8.00"
Overall Height: 5.50"
Overall Width: 1.40"
Barrel Length: 4.70"
Sight Radius: 6.60"
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Capacity: 17 + 1
Weight: 29.40 oz.