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Kahr PM9

Just 200 rounds and you're through the break-in period of the Kahr PM9. The reliable 9mm PM9 from Kahr is a double action only, hammerless, striker-fired and short recoil operated semi-automatic light weight sidearm for civilians and law enforcement agencies as a conceal carry and backup weapon.

Equipped with trigger cocking DAO, a 'Browning type' recoil lug, a passive striker block and no magazine disconnect, the PM9 retains the Kahr legacy of pistols noted for their completely utilitarian no nonsense design features. Black plastic grips, a brushed stainless or blackened Tungsten DLC stainless slides riding on steel inserts housed within polymer frames that prevent the inherent wear with metal slide to plastic frame contact. The fully enclosed trigger draw bar, smooth and consistent trigger pulls, a specialty for the Kahr pistols, allow rapid fire at moment's notice. The Kahr tradition of durable reliability moves on with the PM9 and like most Kahr's, it feels great in the hand.

The Kahr PM9 being a chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, offers a moderately weighted long and smooth trigger with a clean break and no noticeable stacking, quite reminiscent of HK LEM triggers. The pistol's reset is subtle, and comes way forward in the complete trigger stroke. This means that one has to follow through the complete range of motion for a trigger stroke during rapid fire, the mechanism allows for rapid second shots that are as accurate as the first. The drift adjustable, white bar-dot sights allow quick aim and acquisition of targets.

The 9mm Kahr offers simplified controls, exemplified by the lack of any manual safety levers. It is a positive attribute that contributes to a desirable concealment advantage but may cause problems in some states where it is legally mandatory. To overcome this Kahr has introduced variants of the PM9 that have manual safety and loaded chamber indicators. These offer Kahr's enhanced trigger which has reduced length of pull compared to the standard trigger while maintaining the standard PM9 trigger pull weight.

The variants also include a physical indication for a loaded chamber. A letter marked lever mounted atop the slide shows whether the chamber is loaded by its position. Furthermore, external safety levers are integrated and will allow the user to manually prevent the firearm from firing. When the lever is in 'Safe' position, the connecting cam on the lever will displace the trigger bar out of position thereby disconnecting it from the cocking cam and hence disabling possibility of firing.

The Kahr PM9 offers customizability in form of addition of aiming lasers, flashlight, tritium night sights, and grips, things more than enough for a handgun meant for conceal carry. Coupled with the innate advantage of the Kahr pistol design that have remained consistent through all Kahr series and significantly reduces the learning curve for mastery of newer models, the PM9 once bought is sure to have your gripping it firmly.

Model: PM9
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 5.42"
Overall Height: 4.00"
Overall Width: 0.90"
Barrel Length: 3.00"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 14.00 oz.