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Kahr CW9

The first impression one receives looking at the Kahr CW9 is a look alike of a CM9 and a toned down and less refined version of a PM9. Well it is, except it is in a full size package. If you need the Kahr's trademark reliable and aggressively powerful rapid fire for self defense then the CW9 is your choice.

At the outset, and to dispel rumors of a less durable sidearm from Kahr, it must be reiterated that the durability of the pistol in no way has been compromised. Externally the CW9 shows glaring testaments and begs to differ-the slide engraving and serrations are simpler as opposed to the PM9's roll marking; and the slide stop lever is made though metal injection molding instead of the PM9's machined one. Furthermore, internally the barrel uses conventional riffling instead of the match grade polygonal barrel of the PM9. Not to mention that the whole package ships with a single magazine.

But the Kahr CW9 houses some amazing technological innovation and chambers several propriety rounds. First and foremost, the CW9 incorporates most of the value priced features of its CW series. Second, Kahr the CW9 conceal propriety benefits that give other compacts a run for their money. To begin with, Kahrs innovative reinforced polymer frame in CW9 features the patented steel inserts. These are molded into the frame at specific regions and serve the dual purpose of reducing wear as well as managing recoil. Housed within the slide you'll find the Kahr propriety cocking cam trigger system, a legacy from the earlier series. The cam performs the dual function of unlocking the fire pin safety as well as cocks and releases the firing pin. As a consequence we get an integrated passive safety within the assembly. Additionally, the system provides a 'safe cam action' coupled with an unbelievably smooth DAO trigger stroke. The result is a guaranteed swift un-holstering and accurate rapid fire in critical defensive situations. You can always enjoy rapid fire for extended durations at the range too!

There is another common mistake made about the CW9 that the frame rails are entirely made from polymer. This remark is sure to cause fans and shooters to lose trust in CW9's durability. At first glance this appears to be true, but it is not. The rails are completely made of metal. The padding at the slide's end alone is of polymer.

Well then, time is nigh to deploy some more propriety rounds to fire at the rumors. Two further innovations in the CW9 include the offset recoil lug and the trigger bar attachment. These results in a low profile barrel axis and hence reduced recoil experienced by the shooting hand. Since there is no hammer in the assembly, the follow up shots are much quicker.

So then, welcome Kahr CW9, a look alike for Kahr PM9 lovers. Especially those that were prone to shy away because the PM won't go easy on the bank balance. Striker-fired, light weight and with a snag free CCW toned down style, and a typical Kahr trigger that is more like a DA revolver than the typical modern striker-fired pistols, makes CW9 conceal carry weapon of choice.

Model: CW9
Action: DAO
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 5.90"
Overall Height: 4.50"
Overall Width: 0.90"
Barrel Length: 3.56"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 7 + 1
Weight: 16.80 oz.