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HK P30

The HK P30 is Heckler & Koch's modern sidearm for the police and security purposes. It's accurate, capable of holding a lot of bullets, offers an ergonomic grip with 27 different customization options, and with its exclusive HK recoil system taking in the strain, a soft-shooter.

Known for its radical additions to firearm technology, such as the use of plastics and polymers in firearms, popularization of the polygonal rifling, and design of a rifle free of brass casings to name just a few, HK's P30 once again marks the addition of another innovation to the list. First, P30 offers quite a few configurations. Caliber-wise, one can get it in 9mm or 40 caliber and further choose between its SA/DA trigger variants, a DAO law enforcement trigger and a manual ambidextrous safety. The P30 then offers a choice between a spurred or bobbed hammer; whether you need a built in gunlock and even a RFID chip! Other variants include a serrated decocking button located at the back of the frame and enhanced double action only Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) triggers that have no external decocking controls.

Regardless of which setup you chose, the KH P30's internal mechanism heats things on its own. With HK's outstanding 3.86 inch polygonal rifled barrel substantially increasing muzzle velocity and barrel life coupled with its cold hammer forging, a proud tradition of HK, and innovative barrel design allows a rapid, accurate and secure shooting experience. So secure, that even if the barrel is completely blocked you can still fire a round without causing the gun turning into a grenade on you.

HK is known for its propriety and exclusive 'Hostile Environment' finish. The P30 has been through the grueling ordeal and emerges rugged and capable of resisting corrosion and harsh environments, including 5 megaton airbursts.

The trigger mechanism of the HK is a traditional double action. This means a long stroke to first fire followed by and a shorter one. In a phrase, the trigger is nice and has a smooth and light initial pull allowing a clean single action. In combination with HK's exclusive reduction system makes P30 into one soft-shooting gun.

HK P30 models come equipped with the European favorite ambidextrous safety 'paddle style' lever mounted on both sides of the frame. An integrated extractor viewpoint acts as a loaded chamber indicator providing a subtle tactile and visual reminder in case of a loaded chamber. The P30 is equipped with a 3 dot fixed sight system adjustable for windage. An open notch rear sight with luminous points allows for rapid target acquisition, even under poor lighting conditions.

The HK P30 boasts ergonomic efficiency and takes it beyond the reach of any other pistol in the market. Though many pistols offer 'interchangeable' backstraps, none offers interchangeable side grips. With 27 different grip options one can easily customize the grip to one's dominant hand. This feature when coupled with the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail located aft of the P30 frame, and the aggressive grip texturing of HK gluing the sidearm to your hand will allow an intuitive, rapid yet accurate shooting experience.

Model: P30
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.99"
Overall Height: 5.43"
Overall Width: 1.37"
Barrel Length: 3.86"
Sight Radius: 5.85"
Sights: Fixed 3-Dot
Capacity: 15 + 1
Weight: 26.08 oz.