FNH FNX-9 Review

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The FNH FNX-9 is a center fire, short recoil operated pistol that differs from its competition primarily because of its exclusive recoil mechanism which increases the distance the barrel and the slide travel, before the barrel drops and unlocks, to twice what other semi-automatic pistols allow. This results in significant reduction in the felt recoil of the pistol. Coupled with its ergonomic design features, the FNX-9 offers great reliability and an accurate shooting experience.

FNH has maintained a standardized tradition in its FN series and as with all variations of the pistols the FNX comes equipped with the standard FNH ambidextrous safety and decocking levers, magazine releases, and slide stop release levers. Furthermore an extended 4 point Picatinny rail, sharp edged fixed 3 dot combat sights, and a loaded chamber indicator to its right side. The FNX offers both the double action and single action trigger. The enhanced DA trigger pull for the first shot is smooth and short enough to allow the user to score consecutive accurate hits.

Compared to the FNH-9 the X-9 pistol is a hammer-fired pistol, as opposed to striker-fired pistol, and has the ability to be DA/SA.

The pistol's safety mechanism is based on the safety found on a M1911. It is possible to cock the hammer back and turn the safety on simultaneously to carry the weapon "cocked and locked". The safety lever also acts as a decocker when pushed down further after removing the gun from safe.

Simple and durable in design, the pistol is very easy to maintain. The field stripping the FNX-9 is a treat in simplicity. It is accomplished by holding the slide to the rear, followed by a ninety degrees clockwise rotation of the takedown lever and finally releasing the slide stop. The only 'tricky' part would be to allow the slide to be pushed forward out of the frame and viola. The barrel and recoil spring separate from the slide to a completed disassembly procedure. Further features include replaceable slide rails that will surely extend the service life of the pistol far beyond that of a traditional polymer-framed pistol.

The FNH FNX-9 offers outstanding ergonomics. The pronounced grip texture allows firm grip and negligible chances of sidearm slip even during moist conditions. The ease of use is a built in part of the FNX-9 examples include the wide bevel of the magazine extending outside of the grip allowing faster loading of the next magazine as well as acting as an added padding that shelves the bottom of your hand. The magazine release could be achieved without altering grips, but requires a safety 'plop' action to force the magazine out and complete the disengagement. The 3 dot configuration of sights differs from other series as the front dot is visibly larger that the two on the slide's rear, ensuring a faster sight picture and target acquisition.

Based on sound firearm design typified by a polymer frame and exclusive recoil mechanism, the FNX stands for the highest level of reliability, consistent accuracy, comfortable shooting, and an ergonomically functional design that provides the operating precision and safety expected from an FNH USA firearm.

Model: FNX-9
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 7.40"
Overall Height: 5.40"
Overall Width: 1.55"
Barrel Length: 4.00"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 17 + 1
Weight: 21.90 oz.