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CZ 75

The CZ 75 is the heavy duty sidearm designed to help shooters place rapidly fired shots with unerring accuracy. Its classic proportions carved out of stainless steel and enhanced by an elegant skywards arch in the lower part of the trigger guard makes the CZ 75B semi-automatic a rugged and sound companion in sport and self defense.

Amongst the most copied gun designs in the world and one of the first high capacity 9mm pistols that offered a manual safety and echoing the slide in frame design of the Sig Sauer, the CZ 75 is a double action to single action full-size pistol featuring a frame-mounted manual safety and showcases an exposed hammer and an upswept 1911 style beavertail. Despite the fact that it's featured 16 round doubled stack magazine weighs it around 2.2 lbs, it does not feel bulky.

The CZ 75B all steel construction coupled with better recoil control due to its slide-in frame design and hammer forged barrels resulting in unparalleled accuracy. The high capacity double column magazines and ergonomic grip and controls offering increased reliability and negligible chances of FTF and FTE makes it the sound choice of shooters.

The CZ 75 finds itself well established in the short recoil operated, locked breech pistol range. It boasts the Browning link less cam locking system reminding you of the Browning Hi-Power pistols, where the barrel and slide are locked together on firing allowing all steel frame to absorb 9mm recoils as if from a 380. The traditional 3 dot sights in combination allows for quick acquisition of targets and surer hits.

The semi-automatic features the 'condition one' configuration for safe carry. An unusual feature in a double action pistol to have a 'cocked and locked' type safety, the hammer has to be cocked and then safety applied. This means that the hammer needs to be manually dropped for a double action first shot every time. The trade off is meant for swifter use during emergency and which allows you to carry it anyway you want to, but it may be cause of concern for inexperienced users. Then again there are non-double action variants of the CZ 75 which feature a 'half-cock' notch offering a safe place to manually decock the pistol.

Unlike most other semi-automatic pistols, the CZ 75 has internal slide rails. The slide rides inside the frame rails rather than outside. This allows a tighter slide-to-frame fit causing an efficient barrel lockup. Coupled with cast frames, machine forged slides and the traditional land and valley rifling increasing the rate of twist, you get the enhanced accuracy.

Thanks to the great ergonomics the slide release and safety are simple and easy to use and the black rubber grips providing the ideal amount of firmness and thickness to bless the gun with superb ergonomic comfort.

The CZ 75B is the heavy duty sidearm in a league of its own. It's a handgun that has been used by more governments, militaries, and police and security agencies than any other pistol in the world, making it arguably the perfect pistol.

Model: CZ 75B
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 8.11"
Overall Height: 5.43"
Overall Width: 1.38"
Barrel Length: 4.61"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 16 + 1
Weight: 34.72 oz.