CZ 2075 RAMI Review

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CZ 2075 RAMI

The CZ 2075 RAMI is a sub-compact semi-automatic sidearm inspired and designed along the lines of the proven CZ 75 line of pistols, but this time offering the same rugged experience of a military firearm, rapid fire with unerring accuracy, in a compact 26 ounce of black polycoat and alloy framed conceal carry sidearm.

Featuring a high quality 3 inch hammer forged steel barrel, an aluminum frame, low-profile sights, and standard magazine capacities, incorporates the CZ double stack magazine design and the double/single action while allowing the little RAMI to be carried in different conditions. The CZ 2075's trigger mechanism operates in SA/DA mode of fire and incorporates the CZ staggered column magazine design allowing the little RAMI pocket rocket to accommodate 10 rounds of 9mm plus one in the chamber. Weighing less than 26 ounces when unloaded makes it the 'just right' concealed carry self defense pistol as well as a backup handgun.

The CZ 2075 RAMI pistol incorporates the traditional RAMI short recoil and locked breech principle which uses the Browning link less cam locking system. Upon firing, the system locks the barrel and slide together with the help of a lug that forms part of the barrel, fitting into the recesses on the roof of the slide. In a phrase, the RAMI 2075 is designed for good results at instinctive and aimed shooting up to 50 yard distances benchmarking high reliability with various types of cartridges. It is fitted with a trigger mechanism that offers low trigger pull weight and is adapted to operate both in SA and DA modes of fire.

Thanks to the great ergonomics the slide release and safety are simple and easy to use and the black rubber grips providing the ideal amount of firmness and thickness to bless the gun with superb ergonomic comfort.

Ergonomic design allows comfortable grip and balance in either hand. The black, patterned rubber sides provide ideal amount of firmness and thickness. The traditional 3 dot sights are fitted with an illuminating system for better aiming in poor visibility conditions.

The CZ 2075 RAMI is a short recoil operation, locked breech pistol. As in all CZ slide-in frame design, the 2075's slide grooves are on the outer side along the total length of slide. Accordingly, the slide has lesser width and height in comparison to most other handguns. The full length slide grooves provide a very tight slide-to-frame fitting, the secret to CZ's line of pistols accuracy, and not missed in the mini 2075 RAMI. When fully assembled, slide houses the barrel, recoil mechanism, firing mechanism, extractor and ejector with the sights fixated atop in a dovetail.

The decoker lever, take down lever and magazine release are located on the frame on left side and are non-ambidextrous. However they can be installed towards the right side for left-handed shooters. The safety features include a firing pin safety, safety stop on the hammer and manual safety and a reload call in the form of the slide staying open after the last cartridge has been fired.

The combined comfort, dexterity and rugged durability, and reliability allow the RAMI 2075 user to conveniently place quick and accurate second shots whenever they need to.

Model: CZ 2075 RAMI
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.50"
Overall Height: 4.70"
Overall Width: 1.25"
Barrel Length: 3.00"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 14 + 1
Weight: 25.44 oz.