Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro Review

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Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro

The Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro is the assertive sidearm that offers the rugged feel of its military design. It is a pleasant shooter equipped with an ideal trigger reach for double to single action shots. It is crowned with front and rear sights that have a Patridge profile with white dots, dovetailed seamlessly into the slide and moveable for wind age adjustment.

The Thunder Ultra Compact Pro Double action semi-automatic provides decisive stopping power during circumstances requiring aid from a well concealed handgun, an excellent choice for anyone preferring a high capacity handgun that offers the rugged durability, shooting accuracy and mechanical reliability of Bersa's signature 380 line while features enhanced ergonomics, lighter weight and safer operation in hands of citizens.

The ergonomic and snag free design intended to further sidearm's concealment allows the fully loaded 27 ounce 'tank' to present itself in times of need with swiftness. Its recoil system damping even the most vociferous loads allowing reduced stress and extended, the improved Browning Petter locking system (similar to the one catering the load of full-frame Thunder Pro) repeatedly ejecting and feeding ammo to the chamber with gusto, allowing double action shots. Additional thanks to the precision machined lightweight alloy structure, the polygonal rifling and the anatomically designed polymer grips patterned for effective use even during humid conditions that allow for extended use of the firearm. In combination, the features deliver shooting comfort, durability, and maximum accuracy.

The Bersa Ultra Compact Pro is an ideal match for right or left hand shooters. Ambidextrous features such as the safety slide and magazine release make it. Additional features such as the Picatinny rail allows incorporation or rapid deployment of tactical units such as flashlights and aiming devices such as marking lasers. Safety features such as trigger actuated passive firing pin block, an inertia firing pin, a hammer lock that prevents accidental misfire in case the sidearm falls to ground or experiences shock. Furthermore when the Ultra Compact Pro is left in an upward position, the trigger disconnects, immediately locking the slide. This still affords safe carry with the hammer down and the safety disengaged. There is a key-actuated storage lock just under the disassembly lever making the UC Pro well suited for states that regulate side arm safety by demanding that the handgun remains locked unless needed. The lock when engaged jams the trigger, hammer and slide.

The handgun features a serrated hammer allowing for easy manual cocking and decocking of the gun. This helps in keeping the gun from snagging on clothing. The Bersa Ultra Compact Pro offers a well sprung slide release lever and thus locks the slide to the rear in case of an empty magazine. The release lever operates on simple push of the thumb or index finger. A well integrated magazine release button coupled with a metallic yet friction free magazine follower allows for ease of accessibility and reloads in times of great need.

The Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro is the perfect carry for personal protection or as a professional backup handgun and carries on the Bersa tradition of accuracy, reliability and durability making it an excellent choice for anyone needing a tough, reliable, compact sidearm.

Model: TPUC9
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 6.50"
Overall Height: 4.75"
Overall Width: 1.45"
Barrel Length: 3.25"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 13 + 1
Weight: 23.00 oz.