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Bersa Thunder Pro

Built to perform under adverse condition, originally for military and law enforcement personnel, the Bersa Thunder Pro provides decisive stopping power during circumstances requiring aid from a well concealed handgun. It is an excellent choice for anyone preferring a high capacity handgun that offers the rugged durability, shooting accuracy and mechanical reliability of Bersa's signature 380 line while features enhanced ergonomics, lighter weight and safer operation in hands of citizens. The handgun is available in 17 or 13 round magazine, making it one of the highest capacity handguns available in the market. You can depend on this gun for service, self-defense or sport.

The Bersa Thunder Pro is ergonomically designed to deliver shooting comfort and maximum accuracy. It features an improved Browning Petter locking system that offers a reliable feeding and ejection, reducing the common firearm malfunctions and placing FTE to a remote concern. Furthermore, the Bersa Thunder Pro is equipped with a loaded chamber indicator atop the slide; ambidextrous left and right side safety and slide levers and a reversible magazine catch.

Though Bersa's Thunder Pro bears an external resemblance to the Walther P-88, they are internally different. The structure is made from precision machined lightweight alloy that allows for an ergonomic, light weight and extremely durable design. The Thunder Pro offers polymer grips that are anatomically designed to perfectly fit the hands, while the special patterns allow use during humid conditions.

The Bersa conceal and carry handgun offers extended safety features such as the automatic firing pin that prevents movement of the striker towards the primer due to the inertia generated if the gun were to fall with its muzzle facing the ground. The process is initiated only when the trigger is deliberately pulled its complete length.

The high strength steel barrel is capable of bearing extended usage without compromising the accuracy of the handgun. It further prevents slide jamming, FTE and other firearm malfunctions. The combat style skeletonized external hammer performs a dual function, it adds greater power to the firing pin while reducing the chances of accidental misfires. The polygonal rifling and loaded chamber indicator lets the user know whether the chamber is loaded or not.

Since some states have made it mandatory that a side arm remains fully locked at all times unless needed, the Bersa Thunder Pro comes integrated with a key lock at the right rear of the slide- it will make the side arm incapable of firing when the lock is activated.

The Thunder Pro offers a range of customization to the handgun. The picatinny rail allows for additional equipment to be added at will. This is important when there is a need for rapid addition of tactical units such as flashlight and laser aiming devices.

Thunder Pro pistols are offered in standard high capacity (HC) and Ultra Compact (UC) versions as well. The differences are purely limited to barrel length, grip length and magazine capacity. The Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm and 40 caliber pistols use double stack magazines in both the HC and UC versions, while the Ultra Compact 45 ACP comes with a single stack magazine.

Model: TP9
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 7.56"
Overall Height: 5.50"
Overall Width: 1.45"
Barrel Length: 4.25"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 17 + 1
Weight: 30.70 oz.